Added Additives in Gaskets & Packing

Your Packing Has Added Additives?

Are Added Additives good or bad?

How do added additives affect Sealing Reliability?

Packing is made up of braided yarns of foils which are made from a core fiber and a filler.
Core fiber can be of cotton, flax, acrylic, carbon, aramid, glass, PTFE, silica, ceramic, etc.
Conventional braided packing will add fillers like blocking agents, additives and or other coatings.
Typical fillers or additives or impregnates can be of impregnation of PTFE, inert lubricant, graphite, corrosion inhibitor, etc.

All these ADDED ADDITIVES are to COMPENSATE for the missing properties of the core carrier fibre.

For example, if the carrier fibres of packing do not have lubricating properties, lubricant additives are added to help cool and lubricate shafts/stems during startup and operations. Below is an example of how a non-lubricating cotton fiber can be made into a cotton graphite packing by adding an additive like colloidal graphite!

Colloidal Graphite Impregantion
How Cotton Graphite Packing Is Made From Cotton Yarn & Added Additives (Colloidal Graphite)

Other ways of adding additives to packing during the manufacturing processes are as shown below.

impregnated packing
Packing are immersed/coated with additives in Post Impregnation Process

blocking agents in packing
In-situ Impregnation where packing are coated with additives during the braiding process


All added additives will be lost during operations through evaporation and or being squeezed out during gland compressions. When all additives are lost, what is left of the packing is a totally dead fibre.

It is reduced to its original core fibre without the required properties that the added additives are to provide.

Loss of Additives in Packing

When all the Additives are lost, the packing will experience a shrinkage in volume.
The shrinkage in volume of the packing will open up the running clearance causing a catastrophic leak. At that point, the packing must be replaced to avoid safety risk in plants.

 SLADE Patented Packing Foil is made without ADDING ANY ADDITIVES at all! SLADE Packing will never experience the shrinkage of volume.

See below how added additives or binders are bad for the lifespan of your packing and gaskets:

SLADE Patented No Additives Gaskets & Packing

SLADE No Additives Gaskets and Packing are all made using the Patented PAN grade Carbon Fiber Reinforced Expanded Graphite Foil. It has NO added additives.
SLADE is the ONLY manufacturer that makes packing foils WITHOUT any added additives through a Patented Pultrusion Process.

SLADE Patented Foil Pultrusion Process shown below (simplified):

  1. Pulls high strength PAN grade carbon fibre and

  2. Wraps high purity nuclear grade exfoliated or expanded graphite tape around the carbon fibre without the use of ADDITIVES!
  3. This is achieved in the patented device

SLADE Patented Foil
Carbon Packing

Shown Above Is The SLADE Patented Carbon Fiber Reinforced Expanded Graphite Foil Produced By The Patented SLADE Pultrusion Process.

SLADE Patented Foil has only two elemental carbon components:

A) High Strength structural PAN carbon fibre mono-filament
B) High purity 99.26% nuclear grade expanded graphite fibre.


Gland Packing

With no additive, SLADE Packing will never experience shrinkage of volume.

SLADE is the creator and inventor of non-additives gaskets and packing sealing solutions.

Contact us to get further details of this Patented Product.

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