SLADE 3300G Packing

SLADE Patented 3300G Graphite Packing is made of only two elemental carbon materials:

A) High strength structural Carbon Fiber mono-filament

4 Times Stronger Than Steel!

B) 99.26% Purity Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite Tape

Chemically Inert and Highly Compressible

Pump Packing

3300G Packing Unique features:

Traditional Packing

Traditional packing manufacturers add additives to compensate for missing properties of the packing they made. For example, it is common practice to find lubricants added to cotton carrier fibers to give the cotton fiber the lubricating properties.

Typical additives and or lubricants added are various greases, non-petroleum lubricants, inert oils, graphite fines dispersion, various synthetics such as silicone, Teflon™ dispersions, PTFE™, etc.

These additives are to compensate for the missing properties in the packing fibers.

All added additives eventually will dry up or lost during operations.

When the additives are totally dried up or lost, the packing will experience a shrinkage in volume and at that point, the packing is totally dead. It is technically a fiber left. Without the lubricants, the fiber will fail quickly.

It will fail and leak catastrophically.

The packing must be replaced in order not to compromise the safety of personnel and plant.

SLADE Patented Pultrusion Process

Using this patented manufacturing know-how, SLADE completely wraps the Expanded Graphite around the high strength structural PAN grade Carbon Fibers.
This proprietary process encapsulates the expanded graphite around the carbon fiber without any use of additives.

This proprietary technology makes SLADE the only OEM that can make Carbon Fiber Reinforced Expanded Graphite Packing without any added additives.

As such, SLADE Patented Graphite packing does not suffer from the shrinkage in volume phenomenon because there are no added additives of any kind at all to dry up in the first place. 

Shown below is the SLADE  Patented Carbon Fiber Reinforced Expanded Graphite Foil produced by the Patented SLADE Pultrusion Process.

  1. Pulls high strength PAN grade carbon fiber and
  2. Nuclear grade high purity exfoliated or expanded graphite tape is wrapped around the carbon fiber without the use of ADDITIVES!
  3. The above steps are achieved in this patented device

Shown below is the SLADE Patented Yarn:

SLADE Graphite Packing is the ONLY TRUE Graphite Packing without additives. It ensures long operation life and high sealing reliability.

Slade Packing

More technical details available.

Goldspark 3300G Packing