Plunger Pump Gland Packing

Plunger Pump

It is important to maintain the tight sealing of the plunger pump packing as it affects the downstream pressure for the pumping system. The packing has to seal around the extension rod or the plunger (piston). In the case of the extension rod, the packing is installed in a stuffing box whereas for a piston or plunger, the packing is installed in a groove on the piston and it moves with the piston.

SLADE 3300K Braided Patented Expanded Graphite foil with Kevlar® corners packing is commonly used as a sealing ring in the pump gland packing of reciprocating or plunger pumps.

SLADE 3300K with Kevlar® cornered packing is most suitable for handling high-pressure applications expected in Reciprocating or Triplex or Plunger  Pumps. It can also handle up to 260°C.

Extrusion Of Pump Gland Packing

This is a common wear problem in the packing of plunger pumps. It occurs when the running clearances between the plunger and the packing ring have become excessive. When these parts are new; they have tight operating tolerances. Over time, wear and tear will increase these tolerances; the high operating pressure of the plunger can then act on the packing causing it to extrude into the enlarged tolerances causing extrusion and leakage to occur.

SLADE 3300K Expanded Graphite foil reinforced with carbon fiber is braided with Kevlar® corners is abrasion-proof, wear-resistant, extrusion resistant and a long life packing for reciprocating pump gland packing.

SLADE packing uses Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite which is highly compressible, a self-lubricant, a good heat dissipation and has a very low coefficient of friction. These features cool and dissipate the heat away quickly from the plungers.

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