Non-Leak Pumps Packing

Packed Pump

The secret to operating leak-free and non-flush is the huge composition of Expanded Graphite present in SLADE Packing.

Expanded or Exfoliated Graphite has extremely good heat dissipation and self-lubricating properties.

As heat is dissipated away from the shaft, it prevented the stuffing box from becoming a heat sink!

With its good self-lubricating properties, there is no need for an external flush to provide lubrication. 

SLADE Packing is made up of 80% Expanded Graphite and 20% PAN grade high strength Carbon fiber.

SLADE Patented Packing is capable of non-flush non-leak operations as it is made of two elemental carbon materials:

A) High Strength structural PAN carbon mono-filament fiber
B) High purity 99.26% nuclear grade expanded graphite filler

SLADE Non-Leak Pumps Packing For Clean Water Pumps

Many freshwater or clean water pumps are now fitted with SLADE 3300G Patented Packing operating flush free!

As there is no flush, there is no leak too! The risk of messy leaks is managed! You also don’t need to pay for flushing utilities.

It frees up many valuable hours of maintenance that can be deployed elsewhere. It saves you monies as there is no need for flushing liquid and its supporting system! Flush utilities increase your cost of operations.

Non Leak Pump Packing

Traditional Packings have additives added during the manufacturing process. The additives will be consumed during pump operations, resulting in the loss of additives.

What happens when additives are lost? Find out now.

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