Low Emissions Valve Packing

API 622 Certified Low Emissions Valve Packing

SLADE 3300i API 622 Certified Low Emissions Valve Packing combines the strength of Inconel ® wire, which prevents extrusion of graphite, with the resilient lubricating properties of expanded graphite in SLADE’s patented API 607 certified fire safe packing. SLADE 3300i can handle valves pressures up to 6000 PSI/414 BAR (for higher pressures, consult factory).

API 622 Test Report conducted by Yarmouth Research and Technology achieving the following stunning performance on SLADE 3300i:

  • With an average leakage of 10 ppm and final reading after 1500 cycles, of only 4 ppm. This is way below the requirements of API 622!
  • For the corrosion portion of the test, after 365 days of corrosion test per API 622, SLADE 3300i showed 0% stem pitting or corrosion. This is an often overlooked part of the API 622 test! A poor test result in this section of the test infers a reduced service life, increased friction and high maintenance costs of using that packing.

API Standard 622 test is performed in a test fixture designed to simulate a valve. The test qualifies the “packing” only. This allows evaluation and directly comparing the performance of the compression packing products without the consideration of valve type and form. The packing is tested for several factors such as temperature, pressure, thermal and mechanical cycling.

API Standard 624 is a fugitive emissions test for Type Testing of rising stem valves packed with an API 622 qualified packing (a prerequisite) flexible graphite compression packing products. The standard covers rising and rising-rotating stem valves up to 24“ diameter and has to be tested using actual valves. The test procedure requires 310 mechanical cycles and three thermal cycles to 260°C. Allowable leakage is 100 ppm maximum.

API Standard 589 (fire safe) is the testing and evaluating the performance of valve stem packing when it is exposed to a fire. Packing may be a combination of an arrangement of more than one material. The test procedure in this standard simulates circumstances that impose severe demands on valve stem packing. (This specification has been obsoleted though.)

API Standard 607 is the fire type-testing requirements and a fire type-test method for confirming the pressure-containing capability of quarter-turn valves and other valves with nonmetallic seating under pressure during and after the fire test. It does not cover the testing requirements for valve actuators (e.g. electrical, pneumatic, or hydraulic) that may need special protection to operate in the environment considered in this valve test, and the fire testing of such actuators is not in the scope of this standard.

Slade 3300i Low Emissions Valve Packing

SLADE 3300i provides a high temperature, fire-safe, sealing solution needed to reduce Fugitive Emissions without causing damage to the valve stem or body. SLADE utilizes Inconel® 600 as a knitted jacket around our patented expanded graphite, carbon-reinforced yarns.

SLADE’s unique design allows the Inconel® to become an internal skeleton providing strength and stability without damaging equipment.

SLADE 3300i is constructed of SLADE patented carbon-reinforced expanded graphite yarns and is completely manufactured in-house by SLADE, USA.

Life Time Replacement Warranty is offered for valves packed with SLADE 3300i.


Low Emissions Valve Packing
Meet API 607 Standards for Valve Packing

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