Low Emissions Packing

How To Seal To Below 50 PPM

Expanded Graphite is an excellent sealing material. Expanded Graphite has good impermeability. This means that gases and liquids will not be able to pass through it! This is key to being able to seal to below 50 ppm.

As such it is essential that for very demanding applications like low emission controls, the packing must be made of high purity nuclear grade expanded graphite. This also explains why in API 624 valve testing, it requires that the packing installed in the valve test must be made of expanded graphite.

SLADE has proven to seal below 50 ppm for Low Emission Controls applications; SLADE Packing is made of 80% High Purity 99.26% Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite and 20% structural grade carbon fibers.

Low Fugitive Emissions Packing

As much as 80% of  SLADE Packing is made up of High Purity Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite. It will block any liquids and gases from escaping through the expanded graphite fibers.

Other excellent properties of Expanded Graphite are its high compressibility. This will allow it to flow into cavities and fill up any imperfections of the surfaces of Valve Stem and or Pump Shaft when the packing is compressed. This may help you to salvage some lightly scored pump shafts or valve stems; saving you from having to replace or repair them. This is especially important in the time of emergency repairs.

Packing can wear into shaft
Shaft Wear Due To Packing
Scored Valve Stem
Scored Valve Stem

4 Key Reasons for Why SLADE Expanded Graphite Packing Works:

1.     Highly Compressible

When compressed properly, the expanded graphite will form a homogeneous mass that tightly grips, fills and conforms to the profile of the shaft/flange mating faces.

2.     High Heat Dissipation

Expanded Graphite conducts heat very quickly and eliminates the need for cooling.

3.     Self-Lubricating

Expanded Graphite has excellent self-lubricating property ensuring a low coefficient of friction eliminating the need for flushing.

4.     No Additives Added during manufacturing

Only SLADE can offer this! SLADE invented this Patented technology to wrap and encapsulate the carbon fibers fully with the expanded flexible graphite! No Additives used at all, therefore Nothing to Dry Up to cause the packing to fail. SLADE Packing will not experience shrinkage of volume that leads to sudden catastrophic failure of packing causing safety risks.

Remember it is Expanded Graphite Packing, not Graphite Packing that works!

Low Emissions Valve Packing
Meet API 607 Standards for Valve Packing

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