Anti-Extrusion Packing Ring

SLADE 3300CJ Anti-Extrusion Ring

SLADE 3300CJ is braided with high tensile strength carbon fibers. The high tensile strength of carbon fibers is 5 times stronger than steel! It will be able to withstand any compressive forces applied to the packing ring like in the case of handling abrasions from the abrasive liquids.

Design of Slade 3300CJ Anti-Extrusion Ring:

The high strength carbon fibres are build all around the packing surrounding the exterior surfaces of the packing that are likely to come into contact with the abrasive liquid and or facing the enlarged throat clearance to stop extrusion. See below for details.

High Strength Carbon fibres are fully jacketed all around and encapsulated the nuclear grade 99.26% purity expanded graphite packing.

It is used as an anti-extrusion ring or bull-ring in high-pressure pumps and valves. It is also a good anti-abrasion bottom ring in slurry applications.

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