Anti-extrusion End Ring – 3300CJK


When the throat clearance of the shaft/stem and the stuffing box bore are excessive, the innermost packing ring under the operating pressure acting on it may cause it to extrude causing leakage to occur and short packing life.

Anti Extrusion Bull Ring Packing

To prevent such extrusion, SLADE 3300CJK is made from high tensile strength Carbon jacketed graphite fibre with Kevlar® fibres placed at the corners of the packing. This is an effective construction for the extreme cases where extrusions is damaging your packing at a fast pace.

It is abrasion-proof, wear-resistant and extrusion resistant. As such the 3300CJK is ideal to be used as an Anti-Extrusion Bull Ring Packing. It can be used in abrasive liquids services too.

It is a long-life packing for pumps and valves. It is very effective as an anti-extrusion bull ring packing.

SLADE packing uses Nuclear Grade Expanded Graphite which is highly compressible, a self-lubricant, a good heat dissipation and has a very low coefficient of friction. These features cool and dissipates the heat away quickly from the stuffing box.

The nuclear grade Expanded Graphite ensures stability in high temperatures, provides excellent chemical resistance, and dissipates heat quickly allowing equipment to operate cooler in high-pressure applications. It is highly compressible and will form a homogeneous mass when compressed properly thus sealing effectively.

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Goldspark 3300G Packing